Digital card game where you compete to be the first one to complete a shrine to the muses (museum). Enlist the help of gods, heroes, and great poets in your race to completion!


Note that the game is currently hot-seat mode only!

Select a deck to play. On your turn, you may immediately play a one-shot card by clicking on it. Clicking a character will highlight center slots this character can be played to. Click the highlighted slot to play the character. You may only play a single card per turn.

Note that the center slots are shared by both players so you will be fighting over them. Choose wisely!

Click "End Turn" once you've played a card (if you can play one). You will then get a chance to play as the other side (hot seat mode only).

Turns continue until one player reaches 100 points.


I ran up against the jam deadline. Some features that didn't make it include:

  • Some kind of balance
  • Better use of center slot requirements
  • Variety of special abilities for one-shots
  • Decks for the remaining five muses
  • Better UI

I plan to add these slowly over the next weeks.

Source Code

The code for the game is open source and can be found at


The fantastic art for this project was done by Lou Lim, who reserves all rights.


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